Walford Court has its own guest entrance, hallway, stairs and dining room, which are all separate to the owners’ residence. Accommodation is all on the 1st floor, using the guest stairs and comprises 2 large suites with sitting rooms, and 1 large double room with a sitting area. All rooms have couches and coffee tables, and a well stocked tea tray and fridge. We have a large garden and surrounding fields and orchard, which guests are welcome to enjoy.


We ask that guests advise us of approximate arrival time, so we can arrange staggered arrivals. If guests should arrive at the same time, we ask that you remain in the garden or your car for 10 minutes to allow us to manage social distancing.


There is no requirement to register, you have entered your details when booking. We will guide you to your room whilst maintaining social distancing.


A deposit is taken at the time of booking via our website or over the phone by card, and the balance will be taken in the same manner on the day of check in. Our cancellation policy has been relaxed to enable rebooking or refunds during the crisis.


Our normal cold buffet and hot breakfast ordering service is temporarily suspended  and will be replaced with pre-order forms which will be left in the rooms. We would ask that you complete these and leave on the sideboard on the hall landing by 8pm. Breakfasts will be left on the sideboard at the time requested, and we will knock on your door to let you know breakfast is ready.

If you prefer to eat in the dining room, or even in the garden, please just let us know. We want to be as flexible as possible within social distancing guidelines.

The coffee machine in the dining room will be available for you to use and replacement milk bottles will be left in the dining room fridge. Muffins and biscuits will be left in containers. We would ask that you use the hand sanitiser provided before and after you use these facilities.


We have always done our own cleaning and laundry which will continue to be done to our usual high standard, but whilst wearing disposable face masks and gloves.

During the crisis, we will not be cleaning or replenishing rooms whilst you are staying with us. We will leave spare toilet rolls, and also replacement bin liners on the hall landing, and collect the used one which we would ask you leave outside your door. Hand sanitisers will be left in public areas.


The public toilet on the ground floor will not be available for use during your stay.

You are more than welcome to use the books in your room, or the books located next to the stairs, but as we cannot sanitise them all, you do so at your own risk!

If you need to contact us please use the bell button in the dining room next to the entrance to the kitchen, step back for social distancing and we will come to the door.


Whilst our local restaurants will be more happy to have your business (assuming they are open), if you prefer to eat at Walford Court, a light supper menu is available in your room. Please complete in the same way as the breakfast order and leave outside your room after breakfast.

We are more than happy to provide packed lunches, and if requested, please let us know at the same time as your breakfast order.

As always, you are more than welcome to bring and consume your own food in the rooms.

Hopefully the above measures will ensure we all stay safe and look forward to a new kind of normal as soon as possible.

Craig and Debbie Fraser

Owners Walford Court B&B