Walford Court is a 500-year-old listed building, and as such has some low doorways and beams, and uneven floors, which does limit our flexibility for more disabled guests. We do however provide a very personal service, which we try to tailor to our customers needs, as such we are happy to do whatever is in our power to make your stay in our guesthouse as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Access to Walford Court is through wide double gates, which are kept open during opening hours of the tearoom, and when overnight guests are expected. A large level drive provides private off road parking directly outside the building.

There are both benches and chairs with tables for outside seating on a large flat lawn. Dogs are allowed onto the lawn, but we ask that you keep them on a lead. We are happy to provide bowls and water.

Access to Building and Ground Floor

The Guesthouse can be accessed by either of 2 doors:

1. The main front door has 2 steps, being of 0.2 metres, and 0.12 metre depth. The width of the door is 0.925 metres, and leads into a wide, square inner hall, with access to the toilet.

2. The side entrance is accessed by a double door of 1.1 metre width, leading to an inner door of 0.825 metres with a very slight step of 0.1 metre depth, which leads to a small inner porch. A door of 0.74 metres then accesses the property.

Access to the toilet is then across the room and through a door of 0.74 meters.

The toilet door is 0.74 meters. The toilet does not have a grab rail and can be accessed by one side only. The toilet height is 0.4 metres, the washbasin is on a pedestal and the height is 0.77 metres.

The flooring for the dining room and hall is natural slate, and as such is slightly uneven, but proven suitable for wheelchair users. We have 2 tables of 0.66 metre, and 1 table of 0.7 meter under space. The width between the legs is 0.645 and 1 metre respectively.

There is no ground floor accommodation; stairs to the bedrooms are made of wood and wind to the left to an approximate 90 degrees. The stair depth is 0.165 metres.

First Floor and rooms

All bathrooms have large roll top baths, non slip bath mats are provided; there are no shower cubicles. A removable grab rail is available for the bathrooms on request. There are low doorways in all rooms of heights from 1.6 metres. All beds are king size doubles.

The Aragon Suite has a low beam of 1.42 metres high, and has fitted carpeting on the floor.

Prince Arthur’s room has slightly uneven oak flooring in both the en-suite bathroom and the bedroom.

The Courthouse Suite has 2 steps up to the sitting room, and a step down from the sitting room to the en-suite bathroom. Both bedroom and sitting room are carpeted with a wooden floor in the bathroom. The bedroom has an uneven floor.

Additional information

Large print menus can be made available on request.

With very few exceptions, our food is home cooked, and we cater for special diets, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten, wheat and/or dairy intolerances.
Contact Details

Our telephone number is 01547 540570

Our email address is info@romanticbreak.com

Our website is www.romanticbreak.com

Walford Court is our family home and is occupied 24 hours a day. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information.

This information is shown on our website under Accommodation, Access Statement. It is also available in a word document in hard copy and in large text, or can be sent via e-mail.

The green green grass of home – our environmental & wildlife policy

Walford Court enjoys a beautiful peaceful countryside location. Our vision is to create an ideal where both guests and family enjoy living in and working with the environment.

We are working together with the Herefordshire Nature Trust to ensure we do our bit to protect Herefords rich heritage of ancient woodlands, wildflower meadows and fast flowing rivers.

We are silver award winners in the Green tourism business scheme and feature in the eco section of the Guardians top 1000 UK B&B’s 2008.

Our Environmental policy

At Walford Court we aim to adopt a 3R policy – re-use, re-cycle and reduce.

Re-cycle all plastics, glass and newspapers

Compost all our vegetable and garden waste

Feed leftovers to the chickens

Use chicken waste to improve the garden!

Collect rainwater and use for watering the garden

Minimise use of harmful cleaning solutions

Grow our fruit and vegetables organically

Monitor and reduce our energy use

Share tips and ideas with our guests

Re-cycle jars for use with our home made jams, preserves and pickles

Use only low energy long life bulbs

Keep thinking of new 3 R’s

Keep focused on thinking green!

Our Wildlife policy

At Walford Court we aim to maximise our guests enjoyment of our beautiful surroundings and the countryside around us by

Providing binoculars and reference material and setting up a book to record sightings of wildlife

Seek out advice on means of encouraging wildlife into the garden

Developing wildlife walks for our guests

Establishing a community effort re-establish Walford as a renowned area for owls

What this means to you

Whilst we want your loo paper to be as luxurious as possible – it’s Nouvelle we use as it’s made from re-cycled paper

We do not use or encourage too much packaging, so you wont see mini packets of cereals at breakfast – just ask if your favourite cereal isn’t on show and we should be able to provide it

We use low energy bulbs and radiator panels to save energy

We offer considerable discounts on longer stays, but we ask that you are happy in turn to re-use your bedding and towels as far as possible

Lots of information is available for you to take away in our Green Book which is kept in the dining room, just ask if you want copies made

Wildlife books are available for you to read, and binoculars for you to use. We’d love it if you’d record your sightings in the book too!

A donation tin for the Herefordshire Nature Trust will be available in the dining room for your “small change”!

You have the comfort of knowing that no pesticides or chemicals have been used on the food you eat here

How you can help

Turn off lights and fires when you don’t need them

Stack any newspapers you may have finished with at the side of the bin so we can re-cycle

Read our green book and take some ideas away with you – and share them with your family friends and neighbours

Leave any of your tips or good ideas in our green book and help spread the word!

Share your sightings with us!